Dr. Mueller-Planitz is the founder of CMP-Soft LLC, an Internet startup company that focuses on cutting edge software development. In addition to his role at CMP-Soft, Dr. Mueller-Planitz was President, CTO and co-founder of Failsafe Technologies, a company which focused on Internet security.

After selling Failsafe Technologies, Dr. Mueller-Planitz was the lead architect of several award winning products at EarthLink, Inc., a major Internet Service Provider in the United States. The products he designed and worked on were the EarthLink Pop-Up Blocker®, the EarthLink Toolbar® and the EarthLink ScamBlocker®. The products he designed were licensed to major banks and credit institutions and were used by EarthLink’s 5,000,000 customers.

Dr. Mueller-Planitz is the principal designer of the award winning product “GuardWall” (Guard-IE), an Internet privacy tool which was bought by EarthLink in 2002, “Photo Guru”, a digital photo management suite, the “Guru News Ticker”, a co-brandable employee information tool that displays the latest [corporate] news and “Photo Guru – Backup & Restore” a next-generation program that allows users to backup photos to various photo sharing sites.

Prior to starting Failsafe Technologies and CMP-Soft, Dr. Mueller-Planitz has held research positions at the University of Utah and has worked at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (Palo Alto, California), where he developed agent-based distributed management systems.

Dr. Mueller-Planitz received an Electrical Engineering degree in Germany, graduated from North Carolina State University with a M.S. in Computer Engineering and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Utah in May 2000.

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